Standard Cabin’s


Standard Cabin : More and more Ultrakabins are being used for a varity of purposes; a strong indication of their versatility, their durability and, of course, the impeccable Ultrakabin service backup-up. With Ultrakabin, you mix’n’match units to make up multiple complex to suit your exact requirements for floorspace and function.

Standard Features Include:

  • Plasterboard internal finish
  • Woodblock vinyl flooring
  • 4 ft. Flourescent Lights
  • Complete electrical fittings, sockets, etc
  • Dimplex heaters
  • All weather High-Security external doors

Optional Extras :

  • Mahogany Windows and Doors
  • Wallpaper Finish
  • Carpet Titles
  • Suspendend Ceilings
  • Double Glazing
  • Showers/Toilets
  • Profile Sheeting/Cladding Exterior